Do Greenies Really Stink?

According to recent US studies, people who gravitate towards the colour green, are usually the ones that “don’t smell so fresh”. Apparently it’s because most people who like green, are environment conscious, and thus try to “save the planet” by wearing no deodorant. Hmm.., a little imaginative if you ask me, but is there truth behind it?

Do Greenies need to go “au natural” to avoid bad chemicals, or are there other alternatives?

For women it’s quite difficult to find the right balance between sensitive and effective. You need something delicate enough to use after shaving/waxing, but it also needs to be effective against sweat and odour.

One thing we as Greenies will need to accept, is that we won’t be able to find a potent anti-perspirant with green/organic credentials. There are studies that show that some chemicals used to block the sweat glands (like aluminium chloride) are not 100% safe to use in the long run. There has been much controversy about this subject. What I say, is if there is a little doubt about the safety of a product, just skip it altogether!

The best you can do, is make sure your armpits are well-cleansed and use a product which neutralises odour, instead of masking it or blocking sweat glands. Many essential oils (like Clary Sage) have sweat reducing properties and will not completely stop sweat but will significantly reduce the amount of sweat produced. Also keep in mind that the effectiveness of deodorant also varies from person to person as our body chemistry differs.


Here are some of the natural deo’s I have tried and loved:

Pure Beginnings Eco roll on – Forest

The forest eco roll on is a revitalizing deodorant with a distinctive smell of spearmint that keeps you feeling fresh all day. Most importantly it is free of aluminium, parabens, synthetic fragrances and animal products. The geranium scent in this product is addictive! (I love geranium) It really is effective, and kept me fresh all day. One warning for sensitive skins though, you might want to wait a bit after shaving before putting this on, as I experienced a bit of burning.

The deodorant is perfect for men, women and teenagers.



The Victorian Garden Lavender & Aloe Roll-On

This traditionally fragranced Lavender deodorant offers safe & effective protection without recourse to modern day petrochemical ingredients such as propylene glycol, parabens and aluminium. This soft-smelling deo is surprisingly efficient! It can be used as much as you like and it’s even safe to put on after shaving, no burn! The other variety, Lemongrass & Sandalwood Roll-On, is also a favourite with men.




Jozi Organics Ivory Roll-On

This natural deodorant has a vanilla scent blending organic patchouli, Ylang Ylang & Spearmint essential oils. This gentle and effective deodorant is made from plant derived organic ingredients with absolutely no nasties. The main smell for me is Spearmint, so it makes you smell really fresh. I can also use it directly after shaving.





Want to try making your own natural deo? Try this easy recipe:

½ teaspoon witch hazel

2 rounded teaspoons of baking soda

1 teaspoon vegetable glycerin (for texture and for a smooth skin)

2 teaspoon aloe vera gel (soothing, hydrating and for texture)

1 drop of Essential palmarosa oil

1 drop of Essential tea tree oil

1 drop of Essential cypress oil

Mix well, until you have a smooth texture, and pour into an old (or new) roll-on bottle. Shake well before each use. This is a little liquid as a texture, so make sure to keep the roll-on ball upward when applying or you risk having some dripping.


If you have tried any natural deodorants lately, please let me know what your experience was!


Top 5 GREEN Kitchen Cleaners


1. Earthsap Window & Surface Cleaner

This is really the best window cleaner that I have ever used. Usually the window cleaners are so soapy that it takes a HUGE amount of ‘elbow grease’ just to get it streak-free. Not this one!

This glass cleaner cleans with no streaks and is 100% solvent free. It contains no toxic chemicals such as synthetic alcohol, no ammonia which can be a respiratory irritant, and no glycol ethers. There are also no fumes, so with this spray you can actually breathe while cleaning the windows!

It can be used to clean glass, marble, mirrors, steel and other hard surfaces.

How I use it: I spray two times for a window or mirror and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Works like a charm!

(Retail price R29 for 500ml)


2. Earthsap Cleaner and Degreaser

If you ever have greasy, stubborn-to-clean pots in your kitchen, you need this product! Who would have thought that a degreaser can be so efficient without harmful chemicals?

This heavy duty solvent and general cleaner has a great dirt and grease cutting formula. Cleans using only natural extracts while harnessing the full power of nature. This can be used for general cleaning of countertops, appliances, sinks, greasy pots and pans, wall marks, floors, metal, vinyl, linoleum, steel, ceramic and braai grids.

How I use it: Before washing dishes, I just squirt some in the greasy pots, and by the time it’s their turn to be washed, the grease comes off easily! I really like this product as it makes the pots shinier too.

(Retail price R29 for 500ml)


3. Better Earth Cleaning Spray

 This is definitely not a heavy duty product, so please don’t expect Mr.Muscle when using this. The reason I put it on my Top 5, is because I really enjoy it as a counter top cleaner. Just a few sprays is all you need, and it removes coffee stains, and also small messes like tomato sauce.

This fragrant cleaning spray will leave surfaces fresh and clean. Can also be used on glass surfaces. It won’t work for a dirty stove, but it is a really gentle cleaner so you can pretty much try it on anything!

(Retail price R40 for 500ml)


4. Earthsap All Purpose Cleaner Scrub

 Now this is the right product for a greasy stove top! It works very much like the traditional handy andy we all know. It degreases and removes obstinate stains without scratching. It also removes mould and mildew. It cleans and degreases efficiently using only natural ingredients that do not pose any health risks. What makes it different from mainstream products, is that it is kind to your hands and sensitive skin due to its plant extracts.

It can be used for sinks, tubs, pots, pans, counter and stove tops and steel.

How I use it: I use a squirt or two for the stove, and wipe with a damp cloth.

(Retail price R24 for 750ml)


5. Better Earth Dishwashing Liquid

Many people have trouble finding a “green” dishwashing liquid that actually works. I can highly recommend this. It’s strong dishwashing formula that foams nicely and cleans your dishes until their sparkly! What I like about it is that it is kind to the hands, but still tough enough to degrease.
The smell is so fresh and uplifting, it makes the crappy job of washing dishes a little bit better!

How I use it: Squirt a generous amount into hot running water.

(Retail R39 for 750ml)


Products are available at:

More than just a pesto!







I was lucky enough to receive two gorgeous jars of pesto from the Royal Headquarters, and was really impressed from the moment I saw (and tasted) them!

Pesto Princess Foods has been manufacturing the best basil pesto south of the equator for the past 10 years. The range has expanded to include Pesto Princess exotic spice pastes, dips and relishes. The ‘princess’ herself, Kathleen Quillinan, has a passion for food, music and people. All of this passion is combines to make Pesto Princess the unique, quirky, excellent business mix that it is today. All of the products are free from preservatives, flavourants and colourants.

Think pesto is only a sauce of crushed basil leaves, a few pine nuts, garlic, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil? Think again! These ladies take pesto to a whole new level!

The pesto princesses have such a nice attitude, and it is really fun interacting with them on twitter and Facebook.

They have 6 pesto varieties:

Thai (coriander and chilli)
Greek (with feta and olives)
Rocket & Walnut
Red (sweet red peppers and sundried tomatoes)
Aubergine & Olive








I received the Red and Basil pesto, and was hooked instantly. The Red Pesto has a smoky flavour, which I used with almost everything (on my provitas, pasta, plain toast…and a few bites right out of the bottle!) The Basil pesto really gave a real Italian flavour to pizza and pasta. What’s great is that the pesto can be freezed for up to 3 months, and can be used from the freezer. That means you can get one in every flavour!


PESTO PRINCESS’s secret is simple: generosity and integrity, hand in hand



Twitter: @Pesto_Princess

Palace Telephone: 021 709 0915

Pick & Pay
Selected Deli’s

What to do with pesto? Here are some tips from the princesses themselves:

1. Add a heaped teaspoon to a plate of recently cooked pasta. A little extra olive oil will help it spread easily. Serve with extra grated parmesan and black pepper. (I tried this and it is YUMMY!)

2. Pesto compliments any egg dishes like omelettes, fried or scrambled eggs or quiches
3. Pesto makes great salad dressing: simply mix a generous dollop into your usual vinaigrette
4. Pesto can be used to marinade and baste grilled meats, chicken and fish
5. Pesto makes a great dip: mix into mayo or cream cheese
6. Pesto can be baked into muffins and breads
7. Pesto makes quick garlic bread: mash pesto into butter, spread in a sliced french loaf and bake in the oven, wrapped in foil (Another winner!)
8. Pesto makes a great topping for baked potatoes (And you thought potatoes can’t get more delicious)

9. Pesto is great in sandwiches, wraps and on toast
10. Any soup tastes and looks great with a big spoon of pesto stirred into each bowl