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Review: Tranquil Body Treats

Leigh-Ann Burger from Tranquil Body Treats was so awesome to send me a goodies box with treats to try. Her great service was noticeable from the start as she even asked what my favourite scents are so she can send me something in that specific fragrance. (This is great because it’s no use you despise the smell of lemon, then have to do a review on a lemon-scented product. Yikes!) I LOVE vanilla scents, so was I pleasantly surprised when I found out I got the Vanilla Body Oil and Vanilla Clay Soap.

The products arrived in a pretty box with a delicate, flocked design. It felt like my birthday before even opening the package!  I couldn’t wait until bath time to try my new luxuries out, so I use a bit of the Vanilla Oil as a hand moisturiser and WOW! It absorbed very well, and left my hands feeling so soft. And the smell is AMAZING! I really liked the fact that the bottle had a spray cap. Using oils a lot, I have found that it can get quite messy if you have to pour it out each time.


When applying it after my bath, my skin felt so moisturised with no greasy feeling afterwards. Personally I think it would be best used after a warm bath or shower, but like I said, I use it as a hand moisturiser during the day, and it absorbs quickly! The smell reminds me of vanilla essence, and if you combine that with the chocolate-smelling Shea Butter I also use, you end up smelling like cupcakes! Yum! :) The body oil is made from sweet almond and wheatgerm oil and can either be sprayed directly onto your body or you can spray it into your bath water. It can also be used as a massage oil.

The vanilla clay soap was something new to me, as I haven’t used clay soap before. It doesn’t really foam, but rather gives a creamy, milky lather. Usually I like Foaming soaps more, but the Vanilla Clay Soap is a nice luxurious treat. Unlike many other soaps on the market, this soap cleans well and leaves a soft, lingering fragrance on the skin.


My list of favourite green/organic body products are getting longer and longer and Tranquil Body Treats  is definitely on that list. Their prices are very affordable and they do not compromise on quality! They have several ranges available: Bath, Body, Kids, Mani and Pedi, Soaps and even Soy Wax Candles!


On my Tranquil Body Treats MUST HAVE list:


  • Chocolate and Vanilla Bath Milkshake
  • Rose & Ylang, Ylang Bath Fizz Bombs
  • Vanilla and Rooibos Bath Tea
  • Exotic Vanilla Soy Wax Candle


Read more about Tranquil Body Treats here:

They are on Facebook and Twitter, so join in the conversation (and expect excellent customer service!)

083 417 9510


Thanks Leigh-Ann for bringing us such a wondeful range of natural body products!

Awesome holiday!

So last month we had a short mini-holiday. Unfortunately on the Monday morning before we were suppose to leave (our road trip was scheduled for Tuesday morning), I became sick! I was in constant pain for a week, but we have been planning this holiday for a whole 5 months, and I wasn’t going to let it stop me from sightseeing!

We had a booking at De Voet Padkloof Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga for 3 nights -two nights in a safari tent and one night in a chalet. We wanted to experience both so we know where to stay next time! Not only was the accommodation extremely affordable (see prices here),but the resort was so clean and there was a host of activities to keep you busy: swimming (they have two pools), hiking (there are several trails available ranging from easy to difficult), fishing, a obstacle course, game drives (from only R50 per person), mountain biking, Putt-putt, Pool table and table tennis and bird watching! We opted for the hiking trails as it was the best way to experience nature. My partner (a botanist) enjoyed the trees and plants, and I enjoyed the bird watching as well as the Kudus and other fauna which walks around freely. Coming from the Free State, I was amazed by the huge variety of birds in the area (hope you enjoy my photos!)

There are many times when it feels like a photo just can’t capture the feeling you have at that moment, but I hope this photo gives you an idea…

If you want to visit a place where it feels as if it’s just you and nature, give De Voet Padkloof a try. There are caravan stands, log cabins, chalets and safari tents, so whatever your preference, they’ve got you covered!

De Voet Padkloof resort

For more info, you can go here:

Thanks to all the staff for keeping this resort so clean!

Spa-Valous Massage Candle review

I was lucky enough to be sent a Spa-Valous candle by the ladies from Tip Top. (Thanks Cheri!) Up until now I have only heard about “soy massage candles”and was very intrigued by it. A candle you can use as a moisturiser? Awesome! Here is my take on the Spa-Valous Candle…

The candle came beautifully packaged in a bright orange box, which is great if you intend it as a gift for a man, as it is not frilly or feminine, but will suit either man or woman. When I opened the box, it smell so yummy, and I was pleasantly surprise to find out they sent me the orange fragrance (Lavender and Ginger) which assists with creativity. As a avid scrapbooker, that is always welcome!

I burnt the candle for about 20 minutes (while taking a bath) to give it enough time to melt. I must say, I didn’t notice much of a fragrance in the bathroom while the candle was burning, but when I was applying it afterwards, I could immediately smell it. It’s a soft lingering scent that stays with you for a long time. When I woke up in the morning, it was still there. This said, I like the fact that the scent does not fade. It’s strong enough to linger, but soft enough to not irritate your nose. I love it!

With regards to the moisturising properties, it is really a great product. At first it was a bit weird using my candle to moisturise, but once I took the first ‘scoop’, I didn’t want to stop! It was SO luxurious, and my skin felt so “satisfied” afterwards! Like the scent, my skin was still glowing the next morning.

If you’re stuck about what to get as a gift for someone, why not try the Spa-Valous Candle. It’s different and such a treat!

  •  Fragrances available:
  • RED – Bergamot and Coriander
  • ORANGE – Lavender and Ginger
  • YELLOW – Mimosa and Cedar wood
  • GREEN – Patchouli and Jasmine
  • BLUE – Mandarin and Neroli
  • INDIGO – Sicilian Orange and Patchouli
  • VIOLET – Rose and Sandalwood