When life hands you lemons…

We recently moved into our new home, and to my delight we have a LEMON TREE! (Hopefully the “Lemon Tree” song by Fool’s Garden won’t be stuck in your head now) Anyway, it turns out that the previous owner never bothered to pick the lemons, so the tree was literally overflowing with these sour little fruits! Well, I don’t particularly enjoy eating lemons ‘fresh from the tree’, so I had to come up with a few interesting ideas to reinvent lemons. Here is what I came up with:

Beauty Treatments:

Lemon Juice is the key to lightening age spots and freckles. Its powerful acid action really does the trick. To exfoliate dead skin and diminish the appearance of freckles and age spots, gently rub a cut lemon and 1/2 teaspoon sugar granules over the skin for a few minutes. Repeat at least once a week until the darkened areas fade. Or simply sit with a slice of lemon applied directly to the area for ten minutes. Repeat once a week until spots fade.

Get Rid of Blackheads If you rub lemon juice on the area with your blackheads, it should make them disappear. Do this every night and rinse with cool water in the morning until blackheads are gone.

Make a moisturizing mask for dry skin by mixing equal amounts of honey, lemon and olive oil. Apply the mixture to dry areas on the skin and allow it to dry thoroughly for about 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.If your skin is sensitive to the citric acid in lemons, you can dilute the juice with some water. Using a cotton ball to apply is the best way. Try not to use lemon juice on your skin before any sun exposure since it will make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Natural hair highlights – Make a solution of ½ cup of lemon juice added to 1 cup of water. Rinse your hair with this solution and wait in the sunshine until your hair dries. Lemon juice is a natural highlighter.


Make a lemon preserve – see recipe here

Grilled Shrimp and Lemon Kebabs – see recipe here

Prevent browning – Avocados will remain green if sprinkled with lemon juice. The juice protects the avocado from oxidation and browning.


Cleaning marble – Marble is porous and can stain easily. To remove tough stains, take half a lemon and dip the exposed side into salt. Then, rub the lemon over the stain vigorously. You’ll be surprised how effective it is.

Auto-clean your microwave – If the inside of your microwave has tough-to-remove dirt, use this trick. Put 1 1/2 cups of water with 3 tablespoons of lemon juice into bowl and place it into the microwave. Heat it for 10 minutes, and the steam will make the dirt come off easily with a washcloth.

For the Home

Sweet smelling smoke – When you’re lighting the fireplace, throw some lemon rinds into the fire. It will create a pleasant aroma.

Get rid of ants – This is an easy way to get rid of ants inside your home without resorting to insecticides. Spray some lemon juice in the areas where you spot them. If you can find where the ants entering on the outside of your house, place some lemon rinds there. The ants will not come back.

So, if life hands you lemons…you can beautify yourself, clean your microwave or make shrimp kebabs…you don’t HAVE to make lemonade! ;)






Attention fashion-lovers! You have to see this!

It’s not often that I blog about fashion (it’s a subject I don’t know a lot of), but a while back I stumbled upon this website (psimadethis.com) and I just had to share it!

The user-friendly “Designer DIY” projects range from lucite necklaces and faux-fur vests, to embellished heels and chic handbags. Each project is featured alongside inspirational, vivid fashion mood boards and clear, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Domesek’s collection of unique projects will tempt any style-maven who’s ready to dive into DIY.

Here are a sneak peak at few of the projects:


source: psimadethis.com


source: psimadethis.com
source: psimadethis.com

For more, you can go here: http://psimadethis.com/archive


Erica Domesek founder, creator, and author of P.S.- I made this… is a distinguished DIY design and style expert living and creating in New York City. P.S.- I made this… inspires and encourages everyone to embrace Erica’s creative motto: “I see it. I like it. I make it.“ In Fall of 2010, Erica’s first book was released. Part designer DIY, part fashion and lifestyle inspiration guide, P.S.- I made this… features more than 25 projects inspired by iconic fashion looks, runway trends, and celebrated style mavens for readers to create themselves. 


So why do I have this on my blog, if I don’t write about fashion? Well, it’s because I LOVE the idea of reusing and reinventing! Just a warning, this website might get a little addictive…!

Erica Domesek’s motto

Website: http://psimadethis.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/psimadethis

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/psimadethis


Celebrate Braai Day!

National Braai Day – 24 September

So I hope everyone has their braai thongs ready, because National Braai day is almost here!

In 2005, a media campaign sought to “re-brand” the holiday as National Braai Day, in recognition of the South African culinary tradition of holding informal backyard barbecues, or braais. On 5 September 2007, Archbishop Desmond Tutu celebrated his appointment as patron of South Africa’s Braai Day, affirming it to be a unifying force in a divided country (by donning an apron and tucking into a boerewors sausage). Organiser Jan Scannell announced that the aim is not to have a mass braai, but smaller ones with friends and family.

I think it’s such a great way to unite South Africans of all races, languages and ages. Whether you braai meat, fish or veggies, you have no excuse not to pull out the braaier on 24 September 2012. And if you think the braaier is only for steaks, think again! In Jan Braai’s new book, Fireworks, you will discover an array of things to throw on the grid. From known recipes like the Traditional Braaibroodjies to recipes from abroad like the German classic, Bratkartoffeln. The one thing they all have in common? They are made on the braai!

Fireworks, by Jan Braai

Usually cooking books have only a few useful recipes with a lot of unknown ingredients, but not this one! All ingredients are readily available and the recipes are so simple! What’s more, the book has a personal touch with tips and tricks from Jan Braai, as well as a fridge full of humour!

“A braaibroodjie is your chance in life to have your bread buttered on both sides – use it” – Jan Braai

If you don’t own a copy yet, you can get it from Exclusives or Loot. It retails for about R257 and is definitely worth every sent!!

You can like Jan Braai’s Facebook page here and National Braai Day’s page here.

You can visit their website at http://www.braai.com

I already have a few ideas as to what we will be braaiing…what’s on your menu?


{Recycle} Toilet rolls…like you’ve never seen them before!

We all use toilet paper, and it seems that there is a constant supply of empty toilet rolls in our home. We do recycle, but I wanted to make something out of it, and set my creativity to good use. So after a bit of Pinterest.com magic, this is what I came across. I cannot believe some peoples’ innovation, and can’t wait to get started on these projects!


I love this idea. My partner is a botanist, and our garden is FULL of baby plants (no wonder they call it a “nursery”! ;) )So this idea solves the problem of running out of small containers!

source: Pinterest.com

Who would’ve thought you could make party favours out of old toilet rolls? And no one would even know! You can go here for the tutorial I found on a blog. So awesome!

source: Pinterest.com

Make beautiful wall art. See how here

source: Pinterest.com


Simple storage ideas. I can definitely do with these!


Have you ever made something out of old toilet rolls? Let me know, would love some new ideas! Who said recycling is boring?

Kamersvol “Awesomeness”

Just over a week ago, we visited the Kamersvol Geskenke event in Bloemfontein, and what a delight! It’s not often that an event like this comes to the Free State, and being an artsy-crafty type person myself, I was very appreciative of all the handmade goodies. Products ranged from clothing to ceramics and there was even a deli with dozens of deliciousness. Once we started tasting, there was no turning back and we left with bags full of ‘delicatessens’, of which come include dukkah, olive paste and the yummiest balsamic vinegar!

Kamersvol Geskenke Bloemfontein

The event was so much fun and so different than other expos or exhibitions I have attended in the past. I used to be an event organiser, so I have seen quite a lot before, but none like this. The atmosphere is just so different and I think it’s this that makes Kamersvol so unique. I couldn’t buy everything I wanted at the event, but luckily most of the products exhibited are on their online shop too! My “want” list is getting longer and longer…

Products from their online shop…

Make sure you don’t miss a Kamersvol event in your area!

Follow them on Twitter here and like them on Facebook here



Will Be Back Soon!

Hi everyone, thank you for following my blog. I know I have been quiet for the past few days (or is it weeks?!), but I have some awesome posts up my sleeves, so please bear with me! Blogging will resume after 17 September, so look out for some new green ideas (and reviews) coming soon!

Great blog posts to follow…