{Book review} A Guide to Green Housekeeping

{Book review} A Guide to Green Housekeeping

Guide to green housekeeping

Author: Christina Strutt

Published By: Ryland, Peters & Small Ltd

Date Published: 2008


This is such a great book, I don’t even know where to start! It is full of advice on how to use lemons, baking powder and vinegar as natural cleaning products and also brings back old-fashioned methods that have been used for generations. Cleaning, decorating, restoring old furniture and cooking, are just a few things that you can expect.

Although the book can be used as a reference book, I found myself easily reading it from front to back. The ideas in the book are presented in such a way, that I couldn’t wait getting my hands on a few ingredients and making my own household cleaners!

If you love antique shops, then you will love the chapter on “Antique Fairs” which gives you tips on shopping and caring for antiques, and also antique gift ideas for the whole family.

So whether it is organic gardening, green house cleaning or making your own beauty products, this book has something for everyone.

The 2012 updated version of this book, A Guide to Natural Housekeeping, is available at Exclusive books for about R252


{Review} Nail trends from Tip Top Nails

I have done quite a few reviews and posts about Tip Top already. It’s one of my favourite brands of nail polish: high quality and very affordable! Recently, Joan sent me a goodie box with their latest trends in nail art:


I received the following:

Sprinkle beads – Sexy in the City & Who’s Wearing What

Wild Thing Glitter – Wasabi Whisper & Electric Pineapple

Confetti Glitter – Once In a Blue Moon & Pat on the Black

Tip Top Glitter

The Confetti glitter looks REALLY good. The blue actually reminded me of a manicure I saw on Pinterest, so I was happy to see the Once in a Blue Moon colour in the box. If you have worked with very fine craft glitter before, you will find application very easy, and the finish is beautiful!

The Sprinkle Beads reminded me of the three dimensional “caviar” look. The beads are not as fine as the glitter, so you might find it easier to pour it back in the container, but they do tend to roll around a bit, so work on a flat surface! After applying the colour, pour the beads on the nail (while polish is still tacky) and pat it down with your finger for a smooth finish.

The Wild Thing Glitter has a name that really suits it! It looks wild, and it is quite difficult to get the same “polished” look as with the other two. I would recommend painting all your fingers in a similar colour and then just doing your two ring fingers with the Wild Thing Glitter.

If you don’t feel so daring, try this look:


Some interesting nail trends I found on Pinterest. You can try all these with the new Tip Top Range

Beads Manicures
Beads Manicures

Glitter Manicure

For best results:

Work where there is no wind!

Use a piece of paper underneath your nails to catch the falling glitter, so you can re-use it.

Do not apply a top coat afterwards when using the sprinkle beads.

And then, just a last note, with all this nail art you need a good polish remover that won’t damage your nails. A while back,I came across Tip Top’s Nail enamel eraser. Being a “green girl”, I was immediately impressed that it only had three ingredients (acetone, olive oil and Vitamin E). The texture and the “feel” is quite different from other nail polish removers and because of the olive oil, it leaves a slight oily residue. It makes my nails feel so healthy and they are looking better already!

*A note from Joan:Tip Top Nail Enamel Remover includes Olive Oil which is a humectant that sits on top of the skin as it’s molecular structure is too large to penetrate the skin, this keeps the nail and surrounding skin moisturised. The Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant which fights free radicals, in this case the acetone, from damaging the nail.

Tip Top Nail Enamel Eraser
Tip Top Nail Enamel Eraser

Have you tried Tip Top’s new trend yet? What is your favourite?