{Review} All-natural Shampoo, Conditioner & Styling Products!

Naturalmente is an Italian brand that offers an eco-friendly, ethical plant-based range of products – from hair to beauty, baby to home – using only best choice ingredients. Naturalmente products are free of petrochemicals, parabens, silicones, synthentic substances and fragrances, ammonia, formaldehyde and sodium lauryl sulphate amongst others. It offers a total wellness solution that is environmentally aware and conscious of what we put on and into our bodies through our hair, scalp and skin.


Naturalmente’s products are plant-based and consist mainly of essential oils and ingredients sourced from nature, from sustainable and renewable sources such as vegetables. While fossil fuels are finite resources, plants are an annual and abundant resource, and plants also use CO2 instead of creating it, thus reducing global warming. To read more about good ingredients, click here.

I received a few shampoos, conditioners and a styling product to try out, and here is what I think!

glaze gel

The styling product I received was the Glaze Gel. This is a hydrating and thermal styling gel that contains plant proteins to protect, add shine, moisture and flexibility to the hair.

•             Protects split ends from the heat of the hair dryer and flat iron

•             Can be mixed with other Naturalmente styling products to extend the product and give hold and strength

•             Can be used whenever moisturising is needed

•             Suitable for all hair types, perfect for curls

•             Can be re-activated on curly hair with water and spray


I was very excited to try this moistuising glaze as I have been looking all over for a “green” and safe heat protection product. The texture looks like a gel, but reminded me of the GHD Obedience Cream I used long ago and it also helps reduce frizz when blow drying. My hair is definitely softer afterwards and feels more nourished. Used with my diffuser, it resulted in lovely defined curls!

 Other styling aids include:

Beeswax – for matt modelling

Glaze Gel – hydrating and nourishing

Jojoba Shine Spray- Silicone-free vegetal spray with essential oils

Orange spray – Volumising liquid hair spray

Sandalwood Hair Spray – volume and shine

Tonic spray – Acidifier – anti-static – sealer

Volumising Gel

The shampoo and conditioner combos I received:


Aloe & Sandalwood Shampoo & Aloe & Sandalwood Solution Pac Conditioner

Strengthening multi vitamin shampoo and a re-structuring treatment conditioner that penetrates the hair to repair the hair. This is definitely one of my favourites. The smell is strong, but not overpowering and reminded me very much of salon quality shampoos. My hair felt very clean and shiny afterwards.


Fennel & Geranium Shampoo & Deep Hydrating Conditioner

A hydrating shampoo and a moisturising treatment that deeply penetrates hair. This combo smells like liquorice and I think it might be suitable for men as it is not too flowery. My hair did not have the same “clean” feeling as with the others, but it did feel moisturised.


Rosemary & Lavender Shampoo and Yogurt & Millet Conditioner

A purifying shampoo that invigorates and cleanses the hair and scalp of excessive oil and build-up. Intense revitalising sealing conditioner that repairs and protects the hair structure. I really like this combo. The shampoo thoroughly cleansed my hair (while smelling awesome!) and the conditioner made it so soft. I couldn’t stop touching my hair afterwards, it felt great!


Citrus Shampoo & Fruit Acids Conditioner

A volumising, strengthening shampoo for gentle cleansing that is gentle for kids and babies too. A light detangling and moisturising sealing conditioner that hydrates hair and scalp. The Citrus shampoo is really gentle and the smell is not overpowering at all, so it could easily be used on your kids as well. And the Fruit Acids conditioner is amazing! It smells great and my hair felt so smooth afterwards!

I can definitely recommend this brand. Although it is a bit pricey, it is at salon quality level and is also used in salons. To read more reviews (including a few celebrities’ reviews!), click here and here.

If you are wondering why you should avoid certain ingredients, read here. Perhaps when you have turned the bottle to read the ingredients, you were only confused by all the fancy names. Most product ingredient names are a multitude of variations of the chemical compounds that are derived from petroleum, thus forming industrial petrochemicals which are cheap and fast to manufacture. So for a list (and explanations) on ingredients you should avoid, click here.

Website: http://www.naturalmente.co.za/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Naturalmente.South.Africa

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Naturalmente_SA

Thanks again Naturalmente for the wonderful products!