{Recycle} such a cute way to reuse plastic bottles

I came across this post on Pinterest, and is was just too cute not to share! I think this will work for 2 liter soda bottles or the new 330ml Coke bottles.

image source: Pinterest
image source: Pinterest

Let me know what you think!


{review} Oh-Lief Lip Balm

A while back the ladies at Oh-Lief sent me a lip balm, simply for liking their Facebook page! Thanks Oh-Lief!


I received the Roman Chamomile one (the other one is grapefruit) and I LOVE the scent. It is very lightly fragranced with roman chamomile and feels amazing when you apply it. I have another balm which I bought last year at Kamers Vol Geskenke. I use it everyday and the tin is not even half yet. A little goes a long way! Because of all the lovely oils inside, it leaves a slight shine on my lips (which I love!)

The lip balm costs about R40 and is worth every rand.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oh-Lief-Natural-Baby-Products

Facebook: http://www.ohlief.com

Thanks again Oh-Lief!