I’m back!

So you might have noticed (or not) that I haven’t blogged in a while. The reason is, I started studying this year! I don’t know if that is a valid excuse, because I know most of the other bloggers have jobs or are studying as well. Anyways, I am studying B.Sc Food Science with my major subjects being Microbiology and Biochemistry and I am enjoying it a lot! When the semester is in full swing, I focus mainly on my studies, not reading books, scrapbooking or blogging, but it has paid off so far! So although for a few months, it seems like all I do is study, it is nice to see the results of hard work!

I do not want to stop my blog, so during holidays I will still try and blog regularly! To those that do read my blog, I would like to know: did you study, or are you studying? And if so, what degree are you working towards?

Thanks for the following!



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