About Me


Cooking should be simple and uncomplicated. Although I consider myself a foodie (if I am not reading cookbooks, I am watching cooking shows), I can also be quite lazy. So if a recipe has too many steps (or leaves you with too many dishes), I give it a miss. So most of the recipes here should be relatively easy and simple and I also make it as nutritious as I can (without scaring hubby away with too many veggies).  Every now and then, I like to get “fancy” and make something with ingredients that may not be in everyone’s cupboards, but I will try my best to give some substitutions that will also work. Since I also happen to be a food scientist, I might just debunk a few food myths along the way.

I love avocados, feta, thyme and everything made with potatoes. I really dislike cilantro.

My favourite food bloggers are Louisa Clements (www.livinglou.com) and Nagi from Recipetineats.com. I also like cooking recipes from the cookbooks of Alida Ryder and Siba Mtongana. I also find that Good Housekeeping is a treasure trove of easy recipes!


I really love to travel. Over the past few years, hubby and I have travelled to a number of places in South Africa and I am always amazed to see the natural diversity we have in our country. Although I currently live in the Western Cape, I am originally from Bloemfontein, so a holiday for me does not necessarily have to be at the ocean. If there is wide open spaces (perhaps with no cell reception), then I will love it!

Favourite holiday destinations: Devoet Padkloof (Mpumalanga) and Natures Valley (Western Cape).


This blog was originally called “Green Thinkin“, so you might still notice old posts regarding natural products and reviews I did. I decided not to delete these, since I have spent many hours creating these posts!


Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. (Albert Einstein)