Hey Gorgeous REVIEW and you can WIN too!

Last week I won a competition hosted by Hey Gorgeous and received two awesome products!

Strawberry & Black Pepper Body Scrub Bliss


There is one downside to using natural products…you REALLY have to maintain self-control and not eat it all! The smell is AMAZING! It feels like you are using freshly crushed strawberries to scrub your skin and it really feels good. In fact, my skin was so soft and sweet-smelling afterwards that I didn’t even apply body lotion. Yes, I wanted to go to bed smelling like a giant crushed strawberry!

Rose Petal Hand Soak


I asked Phoebe whether this could be used as a bath soak and she said yes! As the product needs to be used up in 8 weeks, I figured I won’t be giving myself a mani that much, so using it in the bath will be a luxurious way to use it. And wow, was I right! The water felt “softer” and I kinda felt like a princess lying there in a bath with rose petals floating by! Once again, the smell is so “real”. I just don’t know how else to describe it!

The Body scrub retails for R120 and the Hand Soak for R110. Definitely worth it if you want to treat yourself. As the products are freshly made, so you can be sure that you get the best quality products at your door.

If you would like to win a Hey Gorgeous product, go to their website and let them know what your favourite product is! You can post it on Facebook (remember to share their page) or you can tweet them (@HeyGorgeousSA)! When they reach 20 000 likes on Facebook, they will announce another winner, so you better be quick!

Thanks Hey Gorgeous for the AWESOME goodies!




What I love about washi tape…and a GIVEAWAY!

Most of you have heard of Washi Tape already. It’s the wonder tape that transforms practically anything into a crafty masterpiece!


What Is Washi Tape?

To put it simply, washi tape is a high quality masking tape made of rice paper.

But more than that, washi tape is a material which is beautiful yet useful at the same time. You can tear it, stick it, reposition it, write on it… The low tack adhesive makes it extremely easy to use (and reuse). I think it is so popular because it is so easy to use – and looks good while doing it!


Why is Washi Tape featured on my blog?

I like re-purposing brown paper bags, old boxes and cardboard instead of throwing it away. So with Washi Tape, I can make my DIY projects even prettier. Want to know how versatile it is? Just type in Washi Tape when browsing on Pinterest and see what you get! These are a few things I found:


This is perfect for office uses. Add photos of loved ones to brighten up your space!
This is perfect for office uses. Add photos of loved ones to brighten up your space!
I used this idea for Christmas gifts!
I used this idea for Christmas gifts!

idea5 idea4 idea3 idea2 idea

I used some of the ideas above when making my Christmas presents. Every year I want to make handmade gifts, but never get the time to. For Christmas 2012, I decided I’m going DIY! All the gifts were made by hand (including Relish, and mini Spekboompies we planted) and I used washi tape to decorate the parcels and also to decorate the pencils and clips.Usually these rolls go for about R35 to R40, but Snap n Scrap regularly have them on special for R28 each.

I hope after reading this post, you can’t wait to get your hands on some tape. So to get you started, we have some rolls to give away!


Snap-n-Scrap Scrapbooking & Crafts gave us 3 beautiful rolls to give away to one lucky reader!

What you need to do:

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  • Leave a comment and tell me what you love about Washi Tape

Competition ends 8 February 2013 and winner will be announced on 11 February 2013.

*Competition only open to South African residents.