I’m back!

So you might have noticed (or not) that I haven’t blogged in a while. The reason is, I started studying this year! I don’t know if that is a valid excuse, because I know most of the other bloggers have jobs or are studying as well. Anyways, I am studying B.Sc Food Science with my major subjects being Microbiology and Biochemistry and I am enjoying it a lot! When the semester is in full swing, I focus mainly on my studies, not reading books, scrapbooking or blogging, but it has paid off so far! So although for a few months, it seems like all I do is study, it is nice to see the results of hard work!

I do not want to stop my blog, so during holidays I will still try and blog regularly! To those that do read my blog, I would like to know: did you study, or are you studying? And if so, what degree are you working towards?

Thanks for the following!



Make your own Phone Sleeve!

Re-use your favourite pair of old (clean!) socks!

I have a super cute pair of socks which I had for quite a few years now. I can’t wear them anymore because they are quite tattered already, but I like them so much, they just stay in my drawer. So how can I re-invent my favourite pair of socks? Make a phone sock! I have quite a few already, but it seems to me that they are like hair elastics…you have about 50, but can never find one when you need it!

Below is what I did. You just need to make sure the measurements are correct to suit your phone. Turn the sock inside out, sew and then cut. Easy as that!

Phone Sleeve

Anyone have socks in mind that they want to revamp? How does your favourite pair look?